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Mark Sturtevant, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Mark Sturtevant entered the field of hearing health care in January, 1983, and became licensed to dispense hearing systems in August of the same year.   In May of 1994, Mark opened Joyful Sound Hearing in Dallas, Oregon, in the Main Street Plaza where it is located today.

Mark was initially attracted to hearing health care because of his own hearing impairment of a total hearing loss in one ear.  This has given him a deep compassion and understanding for individuals who suffer from hearing loss. 

Over the years, and after thousands of patients, Mark is very aware that proper correction of hearing loss is a combination of good technology and art.  Leonardo Da Vinci said “art and science are disciplines that must walk together hand in hand."  Mark strives to blend these two every day.  He does this by paying careful attention to understanding each individual person, their lifestyle, challenges and motivating factors for wanting to hear more clearly.  He then matches the person with a hearing system that is best suited for their lifestyle, cosmetic preference and affordability.  Using today’s digital technology, he applies prescriptive formulas for a clear, natural, comfortable sound that fulfills his holistic approach, giving his patients very satisfying results.

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